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Marion Ceramics New Tumbled Vee Brick Products

Tumbled Vee BrickMarion Vee Brick

Our Tumbled Vee Brick are made using standard 2 1/4 x 7 5/8 x 15/16 Vee Brick. Note: All dimensions are slightly scant after tumbling and the texture is slightly smoother. Tumbled face brick are made from standard face brick produced as part of our Vee Brick product line. We saw tumbled face brick to produce 90° tumbled corners. This process enables us to perfectly blend thin brick, corners and face brick. We offer our five basic body colors in both flashed and unflashed colors. In addition, we coat Tumbled Vee Brick in each of our basic body colors with white on one side black on the other to be totally flexible in blending. We also offer corners and face brick with white and black random coatings. As with our square edge Vee Brick, our Tumbled Vee Brick are strapped in trays and set on pallets. Water resistant top sheets are then placed on top of each pallet and then automatically stretched wrapped. Inventories have been established in all colors and will be maintained as market conditions allow.

Also, as noted Marion offers Tumbled BrickTile which is the closure size for vertical veneer brick applications. Matching closure size tumbled corners and face brick are available by special order.

Custom Blends

Custom London Tavern Blend
50% 300 / 20% 675 / 10% 655 / 10% 255 / 5% White / 5% Black on 200 Body

Custom Tuscany Blend
40% 675 / 40% 655 / 10% 600 / 5% White / 5% Black on 200 Body

Custom Charles Town Blend
70% 300 / 20% 200 / 5% White / 5% Black on 200 Body

Vee Brick Product Line

Vee Brick PanelOur Vee Brick product line is part of a growing trend to use thin brick in both traditional ceramic wall tile type installations and in all types of wall panel systems. This shift away from traditional brick (full bed depth) masonry is being driven by economics. The use of thin brick can provide tremendous cost savings. Foundations and structural members can be down-sized because of reduced weight. With many panel systems, installation labor can be reduced because panels can be made indoors, off the job site, without trained masons. Panel utilization shortens construction time and can eliminate scaffolding costs. Also, thin brick can be easily used for interior walls including back splashes where full brick would not be practical. In addition, buildings incorporating thin brick panels lend themselves to earthquake tolerant construction features. All of this is accomplished without giving up the rich look and dignity of traditional brick construction or the potential of dramatic architectural statement featuring the vivid natural colors of our Vee Brick product line.

Thin Brick Veneer Masonry

The use of thin brick veneer masonry has evolved over many years. Traditionally, thin brick have been installed in the same way as ceramic wall tile (i.e. on to a vertical substrate which could be masonry or interior or exterior stud wall - steel or wood). These types of installations continue to be used with the coursing of the veneer brick being set by a metal rack nailed to the wall, spacers or the rope method. Ceramic tile installation requirements should be followed for these types of installations.

precast panelsOver the last ten years, thin veneer brick has been used in precast panels very successfully. These panels are made with thin brick being placed into a flexible rubber mat which normally is affixed to sturdy plywood to form the bottom of a precast panel form. Rebar is then placed into the form into which concrete is then poured, vibrated and allowed to set. When the rubber mat is removed, the panel has the same appearance as set in place masonry. The most important subtlety of precast panels is the flexibility of the rubber mat. The mat should be designed to accommodate thin brick which have normal variations in dimensions. This will eliminate the very costly process of grinding each brick to an exact size. In addition, architects have been concerned with thin brick popping out of precast panels because the panels are being used in mid or high-rise buildings and the thin brick is only 1/2" or 9/16" thick. Marion has addressed this issue by offering 15/16" thick Vee Brick which provides exceptional bonding of thin brick into a precast panel.

Jobsite cast tilt up panels are made in the same way as precast panels except that form liners are made with less expensive disposable materials. As with precast panels, both Marion's 9/16" or 15/16" thick Vee Brick work well with liners that accept normal sizing variations.

Since the early 1970's, numerous thin brick wall panel systems have been developed utilizing many different types of materials. Systems are now available with panels made from metal, insulation foam, cementitious board, masonite, plywood and composite board. Most of these systems were developed primarily for residential use both new construction and especially for remodeling. Owners, architects, and builders should carefully select a system which will work best for each project.

Marion's Vee Brick can be used in all of the above described methods and is especially well suited for precast panels.

Vee Brick ColorsVee Brick Colors

Marion Ceramics' Vee Brick products are available in a broad spectrum of beautiful colors which are all compatible for color coordinating and/or contrasting design statements. Our palette of colors includes eight clear tones and one ironspot to make up our Vee Brick Classics colors. There are five other colors that make up our Vee Brick Rustics line. The Vee Brick Rustics products are naturally flashed using reduction firing techniques perfected over decades - no artificial look that often comes with chemical flashes. The hard fired colors of our Vee Brick are colorfast and will not fade with exposure to sunlight and weather as will occur with pigmented cementitious thin brick. Marion Ceramics takes the extra care required to properly formulate each body and to double mix during grinding in order to maintain color consistency.

Significantly, Marion offers factory blending of its Vee Brick to accommodate designers wanting the variegated color ranges of used brick which are so popular for residential thin brick applications. Architects can specify the percentage of each color to be included for unique blends to produce any desired effect.

Vee Brick Classics

Vee Brick Classics colors have been developed over many years to fill the needs of homeowners and thin brick users. Our Vee Brick product line is especially popular with architects and designers because care is taken to produce a wide range of attractive colors for unmatched and unlimited design possibilities.

The first in the Vee Brick Classics line are our two reds: Plantation Red (200), which is exceptionally vivid and clear; and Havana Red (250), having deep reddish brown tones which match many residential face brick. Following those, we offer a chocolate brown color called Gunstock Brown (410), then introduce light burning raw materials to perfect our buff color Chino (600) and our terra-cotta Sunlit Earth (610). Sunlit Earth is also the base body used to produce our Indian Copper (615) ironspot color.

The balance of our Vee Brick Classics colors consist of three of the most beautiful architectural brick colors available including our tan Sahara (820) and two grays: Academy Grey (760) and Cobblestone (510)

Our exceptional range of colors has proven to be especially appealing when both flashed and unflashed colors are blended.

Indian Copper Sahara
Academy Grey Cobblestone
Plantation Red Chino
Sunlit Earth Havana Red
Gunstock Brown  

Vee Brick Rustics

Tavern FlashAll of Marion Ceramics' Vee Brick Rustics colors are natural gas flashed and made with the same body formulas used in the matching clear tone colors. The resulting variegated tones of these perimeter flashed colors make for a special warmth and rustic feel that can only be achieved with natural materials.

Our two reds are flashed to produce the Tavern Flash (300) and Magnum Flash (255) colors. Our brown flash is called Colonial Blend (440). The Sundance (655) is made with our buff body and Tangier (675) color is fired from our terra cotta body.

Magnum Flash Colonial Blend

All of our colors are compatible with similarly colored residential face brick and work well with architectural and commercial projects using matching and/or contrasting face brick or other facing materials.

Sundance Tangier

Failure to follow recommendations will void our warranty.

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